Turn Your "Side Hustle" Into a Legitimate Business

Whether you’re looking to escape your 9-5, build something you can proudly profit from, or grow your current side hustle into full-time income, you’ll get the exact guidance you need with my micro business compass.


The Micro Business Compass Is Your #1 Companion on Your Growth Journey

When I was first designing the Micro Business Compass I called it a blueprint.

But the truth is that it’s not that. 

I’m not giving you a play-by-play outline of exactly what I did. Just giving instructions is a very ineffective way of understanding deeply how to run a business.

It’s also not a course…

Course completion and retention rates are dismal. 

You may go through a course once, maybe take some notes, then never touch or think about it again.

This is a digital compass.

A real compass is used for navigation and direction.

It keeps you on a steady direction through fog and thick meadows.

It guides you faithfully through the dark.

A compass is a companion, an important tool you use along your journey and reference when you need guidance.

That’s what this product is.

Contained within it are the most concise micro business concepts I could distill from all my experience as an entrepreneur starting and scaling a successful service-based micro business.

As long as you understand these, you will be guided in the right direction toward your business goals.

You’ll take them with you as you seek out mentorships, courses, and other resources.

This is the glue that will connect all of your other business knowledge together.

It additionally includes breakdowns of all the low-code and no-code tools I use to integrate each core concept into the business.

This levels the playing field – you no longer need expensive enterprise tools to run a powerful business.

Starting your own profitable micro business has never been more affordable and accessible!


Starting a business 10 years ago:

Starting a business today:

So if you’re ready to fortify a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial journey, click below to receive your very own micro business compass

Who is this for?

…then this is for you.

Earn your financial, time, and location freedom the right way

With my compass you'll be able to...


What's Inside?


Laying a strong foundation


Prepare your digital real estate


Become a client acquisition master


Impress and retain dream clients


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Micro Business Foundations

Everything you need to start your journey strong

Mindset Management

34 Core Concepts across 6 business functions

25 of my business documents, templates, and SOPs

My 1 Hour Offer ($30 value)

Compass Pro


Foundations + Scale

Strengthen your foundations & effectively scale

Everything in Foundations PLUS:

25 additional Core Concepts expanding on the 6 foundational business functions

3 additional business functions

Access to future Social Media function 

(coming soon!)

9 additional documents

Company Wiki ($50 value)

X Growth Guide ($15 value)


Frequently Asked Questions

The compass is a membership-based website that you will get your own login for. Along with your purchase, you’ll receive lifetime access to all future updates.

For example, I’ve already got a major social media section planned as the first addition to the Scale edition since creating an inbound lead machine will help skyrocket your business even further. Updates like these will always be free to you, depending on which Compass you have. Regular compass owners will get lifetime access to all future updates of those specific sections, whereas Compass Pro includes updates for everything. 

I’ll also constantly be adding new low-code and no-code tools I come across, as well as updates to the FAQ sections within each core concept as I field more questions from the community. This is a living piece of work for me that will constantly be evolving and getting better. 

By definition, a micro business is any small business that has 9 or fewer employees, including the owner. My twist is that it’s a business that’s intentionally kept small so that you can take advantage of all the freedom (time, financial, and location) without needing to create a large business.

This category of business is a much less “popular” term but it’s essentially what all of the big name solopreneurs and successful small business entrepreneurs are doing. It’s the solution to not wanting to burn our as a solopreneur doing everything on your own, and not burning out trying to scale a large business.

You don’t need to create the next Amazon or Vayner Media agency to own a business that allows you to live life on your terms. All it takes is a marketable skill, a few clients, and the right systems and processes to create life-changing wealth. 

The main difference in my product is that it’s meant as a companion for every other product you’ll come across as an entrepreneur. I’ve spent over $20,000 in mentorships, courses, and coaching over my entrepreneurial career and I can confidently say this is all the crucial information I would have wanted with me as I went through each of them.

While most courses and coaching is focusing on the what of your business (learning a skill, creating an offer) this is majorly focused on the concrete how (selling your offer, scaling it, and eventually delegating it).

It’s all the complimentary knowledge I learned along the way what I never got from these other products. That’s why I call it a compass and why I know you’ll reference it for a long time.

Guarantees are used when someone isn’t 100% confident in their product or service (I also cover this inside). I believe guarantees devalue what’s being sold, so I don’t really use them anymore.

If you put in the time and hard work, you can easily land your first client within 90 days of purchasing. If you already have clients already have clients, the timeframe is even shorter for being able to close additional ones and optimized all of your business systems to start freeing up your time. 

I don’t feel right giving you a “we’ll do [x result] for you in [y amount of time] or your money back!” pitch. Sure promises like that sell better, but I don’t care. Why? Because I know that starting and growing a business takes much more than 90 days. And this is meant to stick with you for the long haul. I am 100% certain with will be a significantly useful guide for you the entire way, and that’s something I feel really good about. 

Unfortunately I do not. I’ve dedicated a large amount of time to this, and it’s something I plan on continuing to update and refine over time. I believe that something I value this much is worth the price, and you’ll be included for everything I add to it over time.

It’s also quite easy these days to steal things off the internet. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I’d like to weed out the people who would just like to grab n’ go then request a refund, that way I’m left with the ones like you who are legitimately hungry to make business work and want to see this journey through to the end.

If you still absolutely feel a refund is justified, you can email me at hello@mttdvs.com and I’ll review on a case-by-case basis. 


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