Free Things for Creators, Freelancers, and Entrepreneurs

Below you’ll find a collection of things that I’ve built during my journey. Each was born from some need that I had at the time while learning and scaling my business and facing challenges. I still use them either in my business or with clients, and I hope they help you in some way too.

Company Wiki (Lite)

A simple and powerful Notion template that will help you organize your entire business. It will serve as the core of all of your business information. 

Monthly Budget Tracker + Time Audit

Make sure you’re spending both your time and your money wisely – audit and track them so you can optimize accordingly. 

Cold Email Setup Checklist + Domain Tracking Sheet

A short and sweet, super useful checklist to guide you as you set up cold email systems, paired with a simple excel template for tracking you and all of your client’s domains. 

Twitter Audience Starter Guide + Thread Library

The key to starting a highly engaged audience on twitter, with a bonus thread swipe file for endless inspiration.

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