A Middle Man

I’ve always felt like a middle man. I grew up in the middle lower class, got middle-tier grades and test scores in school, was an average graduate from my college, then got a nice job and worked my way up to middle management after years of corporate ladder climbing. 

“Very successful” but just felt like I was standing in the middle of the road.

I was lost.

I just couldn’t shake the feeling that l was meant for something else. Then I found entrepreneurship. 

Through trials and errors, ups and downs, and lots of late nights, I finally cracked the code and created a business for myself that allowed me to combine all the skills I was really good at – years of project management, a sharp creative eye and knack for design, and a natural inclination to sales and networking. 

Now I run a profitable micro business that provides me enough stable income to explore my real passions – one of them being the ability to show others this path. 

A real middle man to connect people to resources that will allow them to cross the bridge of fear, uncertainty, and doubt that keeps them from growing as an entrepreneur. 

I’m also a health fanatic, a technology nerd, consistently diving head-first into anything active like climbing and calisthenics, and support a healthy obsession with anything related to music. 

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