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The One Hour Offer

Gain complete clarity on your business offers, narrow in on your ICP, and vocalize their pain points in 60 minutes or less.

4 Step Funnel Hacking

A handy checklist for running a quick audit on your sales funnel to make sure it’s optimized and not leaking precious leads.

About Me

I’m just a fed up 9-5er who scaled from solopreneur to micro business owner and found the keys to freedom. Sharing everything I’ve learned and created as I dive deeper into the digital economy. 

I’m also a health fanatic, a technology nerd, consistently diving head-first into anything active like climbing and calisthenics, and support a healthy obsession with anything related to music. 

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Every Friday afternoon you’ll get one actionable tip to bridge the gap between your skills and a profitable micro online business.


The Blueprint To A Successful Micro Biz

The only two resources you’ll need to start, grow, and effectively scale a thriving micro online business.


Let's Connect and Collaborate

Have inquiries about more custom business solutions? Let’s have a chat and dig a little deeper into your goals.


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